How to Use TikTok As an Educational Tool

TikTok, the most used social media app designed for children generations , is now becoming increasingly popular. Adults who like short-form videos like TikTok too. TikTok can also be utilized by teachers to develop educational content. There is a lot of confusion about what you can do with TikTok to help you learn.

In the case of Tiktok, it can create a longer essay

If you’re having trouble with your essay, you may consider making it longer with TikTok words. These short videos can assist you with a greater vocabulary and appear more professional all at once. These tips have become popular among students, many of whom even forward their recommendations to their parents.

The ideal way to expand your essay is by increasing its words per page. This will allow you to reuse a large portion of the material that you’ve already composed. Keep in mind that instructors are able to spot any fluff. This is why it’s vital to place more emphasis on quality rather than quantity. In order to make your essay more lengthy you should think about your essay’s prompt or topic in a variety of ways.

More proof

A way to make your essay more persuasive is to add more evidence. This can be done by incorporating references to various points of your essay. Be sure to outline every point and include supporting details. Additionally, you must think ahead of arguments from opposing sides. The ability to predict the arguments you’ll be making in persuasive essays, and provide evidence for each.

Use transition words

When writing your paper, the transition words help establish the connection between sentences or paragraphs. The words you use to improve your essay’s flow , and provide the context for your points. This is just a few examples of transition words you could use: – Charting is used to follow treatment of patients. After care for the patient charts are then followed by the process of charting.

– Make the transition words distinct. The purpose of the transition words is to join the pieces of writing together, to ensure consistency and cohesion. It is possible to get assistance when choosing the correct words or phrases. It is also possible to use to make a list of transition terms to help you structure your paper.

You can use a dictionary

A thesaurus can be a powerful tool in the writing process. Thesaurus can help you locate synonyms to words you use often and help in choosing the right word to express the idea. Some students are misled into thinking that using thesaurus is going to make their appearance pretentious.

Thesauruses can help you change the tone and nuance of your writing. The word prosaic can give your writing an academic look, whereas vanilla makes it appear more casual and slangy. You should remember that certain words are more appropriate for certain groups than others.

Avoid repetition

Beware of repetition in essays. Repeated writing can make studying less pleasurable in addition to negatively affect the reader’s perception of your essay. If you want to avoid repetition, try employing a text processor’s Find feature. The feature can help you find the words or phrases that you’ve been repetition.

Another way to avoid repetition is using thesaurus. This allows you to substitute commonly used words with synonyms. Many grammar checkers come with an built-in thesaurus. Take care not to make too much synonyms. It is best to use thesaurus very sparse and limited.

If you’re repeating the same sentence over and over you can try writing your sentences in a different way. It will reduce repetition and add dynamic rhythm into your written work. The writing you write will be much more interesting to take in. The less repetitive words you can eliminate, the better the essay you write will be.

Pronouns also help avoid repetition. The pronouns can be used to distinguish different people. You can make use of them several times depending on the context. Make use of pronouns when appropriate, as well as your own name sparingly. In order to make sure that your writing flows naturally it’s helpful to ask someone to read the text aloud. You can also look at the same words when you proofread.

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